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    Mugendai Penthouse has born over years spent of intensive preparation prior to opening to create a unique Japanese dining experience where every single customer is special. The new phenomenon where food meets lifestyle.

    Mugendai Penthouse additional services

    – no parking fee
    – no extra charge for private room usage

  • concept


    Directly from  the deep seas  and  the  great  mountains of Japan,  the  finest of ingredients  and  the most exquisite of  produces are

    flown in as often as five days a week to make nothing short of perfection at MUGENDAI.

    An all-encompassing menu that incorporates a great variety of Japanese delicacies—including sushi, tempura, shabu-shabu, tonkatsu, and steak— has been carefully crafted by a fervent team of chefs and staff, all of whom share a profound passion in the Japanese culinary arts and fine dining. Keeping in mind the sophisticated traditions of the authentic Japanese culinary culture, MUGENDAI is determined to bring out truly the best of Japan through each and every dish we serve at our restaurant.